Techno Service

Techno Service has more than 18 companies as exclusive and other companies as a distributor . Covering so many fields as High educated , Research Centers , All life science , Pharmaceutical , Food , Analytical Chemistry , Nano-technology , Industrial and water treatment. Techno Service staff also has increasing, most of them their background science, chemists , engineering, scientist , our staff almost 20 employers . Our turn over around 6 million USD for the year 2017

Our Company

We have 22 employees most of them chemists and engineering’s. We help scientists meet the challenges they face on the lab and field.

Our business has continued to expand over the years and now we have covering some more market in Middle East and Africa.

Our customers rely on our team (chemist and engineering’s) of trained and experienced application specialist for help in selecting the right product for their application and troubleshooting existing equipment